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Office & Home Maintenance 

Project Oversight and Reporting


Project Planning

Construction Setup

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A collection of some of the projects, past and present, that show our passion

Nora D Shade Cover 2018
WCIM Kindergarten
WCIM Kindergarten 2017, Salima
Confrence entrance
Confrence thatch
Confrence upstairs 2015
Confrence back 2015
lake hut 3 trees
Nora Docherty School 2016 Dedza
#Onebillion Unlocking 2015
WCIM 2017
Nora D. School 2015
Our work


Kumbali is a family owned business based in Lilongwe, Malawi and over the past 26 years the family has built a reputation on quality and service. The focus of Kumbali Contracting is to work with private investors and NGO's to provide infrastructure and other construction services in all regions of Malawi. 

From commercial lodges and restaurants to urban schools and learning centers KC has continued to provide local based support and materials for their clients. Our aim is to push that your project goals are met while adding local knowledge and insights to ensure long term success.

KC offers a wide range of custom services to get your project moving quickly and smoothly. From ground up design build projects to general oversight and consulting, KC is ready to help you and your team tackle  all of the challenges that come with working in Malawi. KC will work Closely with onsite crew-members and directly interact with clients or their representatives to actively communicate project status and achievements. 


Capitol Hill Dairy Farm

Plot 9 &11, Area 44

Lilongwe, Malawi

PO: 30420


C: +265992670616



Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 8pm

​Sunday:    By appointment 

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Our Charity


Est: 2015

Kumbali Contracting in partnership with Natures Gift Ltd has been implementing and overseeing a reforestation program one the Capitol Hill Dairy Farm on the edge of Lilongwe since 2014.  The partnership has named the program “Mitengo Ndi Moyo” (MNM) pronounced: Ma-tango N-dee Moyo, which translates to “Trees are Life” or “Life is Trees”.

The tree program is in partnership with the surrounding communities. MNM sponsor a men’s Football team and a women’s Netball team in the neighboring village of Canada in Area 44 Lilongwe. MNM provides uniforms, balls, and transportation to events that the clubs participate in. In exchange for this the teams assist in the tree tubing, planting, seed banking and most importantly of all the protection of the indigenous forests on the northwest side of the Capitol Hill Dairy Farm.


This relationship began in 2014 and since then we have seen huge success in the protection of the new forests with at least an 80% survival rate and a drastic reduction of older trees being cut in the area of the farm’s forests that the teams look after. Due to this success MNM hopes to find funds to expand the sponsorship to more Football and Netball teams in surrounding Villages.


In 2018 Mitengo Ndy Moyo will have over 18,500 trees ready for the coming rainy season. MNM is focused on re-planting Capitol Hill Dairy Farm’s indigenous trees and bush, building community partnerships, educating the surrounding communities on alternative sources of fuel, and most importantly having fun playing football and netball together. The Farm spans over 650 Hectares and of that over 320 hectares is or was indigenous bush that has been drastically depleted over the past years as Lilongwe has begun to grow and the need for trees has risen. Charcoal, need for fire wood, lack of reliable power and Red Brick production are the major causes of the deforestation on Capitol Hill Dairy Farm.


For information on how we can assist you in adding life to your projects by partnering with KC and Mitengo Ndi Moyo please use the Contact Us link below.

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